Maddy Star Dragneel, Maddy becomes fully trained in dragon slayer magic at age 18. Fully trained in celestial magic at age 5. Fully trained in demon magic at age 20.Unlike her younger brother and sister, David and Emma, Maddy had 3 powers. Having 3 powers meant she was a rare breed. Her parents, Natsu and Lucy, knowing this did not allow her to go to school until she was stable. Her only friends were from Fairy Tail — Casey, Ethan and Frost.

At 5 years old, Maddy went insane from the lack of social life. Her younger brother, David, tried to help but couldn't. Maddy was sent to the mental hospital for a year. During that time, her parents would go in at visiting hours and train her. When she was released from the hospital she talked to Frost a lot more than usual.

At the age of 10 Maddy was having more problems. The 3 powers where fighting inside of her to take control. As a result, Maddy was sent to the hospital where they determined what was happening. She was 70% Dragon slayer, 20% Celestial Wizard and 10% Demon when she was born. Now she was 50% Dragon slayer, 10% Celestial Wizard and 40% Demon.

At the age of 15 Maddy was feeling better. She was going on mission with her team—Casey,Ethan and Frost— She began secretly dating Frost during this time. She didn't want people to know since her dad hates Frost's father. Sadly the secret didn't last as her family found out after a while. Her dad was furious, but her mom didn't care.

At the age of 18 Maddy gets married to Frost. Maddy gets pregnant with a baby girl, who she hopes will be the next generation of Dragon slayers.